Dedicated pedagogical contents on Short Food Chains (UP)

Intellectual Output 2, led by the University of Parma, represents an important phase in the project, focusing on the development of dedicated pedagogical contents on Short Food Chains. Here’s a summary of what you will find inside:

̴Defining Common Standards: Following the groundwork laid in IO 1, the partners collaboratively established common standards and identified key topics within the modules. This step was particularly important for the creation of our pedagogical material.

̴Drafting Pedagogical Content: With a clear framework in place, we commenced the creation of the pedagogical material. This process led to the generation of the initial draft of the contents. An internal assessment allowed us to evaluate the raw material’s quality and alignment with our project’s objectives.

̴Testing and Gathering Feedback: In a concerted effort to ensure the suitability and coherence of the pedagogical material, we engaged stakeholders in a testing phase. This feedback-gathering served as a crucial step in refining our material. The insights gathered enabled us to address highlighted issues and enhance the overall quality of the content.

̴Translation into National Languages: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the training materials were translated into five European languages in addition to the English version by the respective national partners making it more inclusive and user-friendly.

̴Uploading to E-Learning Platform: Once the pedagogical material was refined, approved, and translated, it was uploaded by each partner onto the dedicated E-Learning platform tp be easily accessed and utilized by a wider audience.

The collaborative effort of our partners has resulted in a comprehensive set of pedagogical contents, designed to empower learners and stakeholders in the pursuit of fairer and more sustainable food chains. Check the Output below.