Online E-learning platform with adapted pedagogical contents for self-learning and complementary modules for blended learning

Intellectual Output 3 focused on the creation of the technical and content structure of the E-Learning platform, thereby transforming raw pedagogical content into an educational resource. Here’s an overview of the key aspects of this output:

̴Identifying Platform Specifications: We developed the platform specifications, aligning them with the objectives outlined in IO1.

̴Creating an User-Friendly Platform in line with the needs of people with all levels of computer literacy: We prioritized ease of use and accessibility in the design and development of the E-Learning platform.

̴Content Integration: Our primary goal was to adapt the raw pedagogical content for online use and seamlessly integrate it into the platform.

̴Testing and Assessment: We rigorously tested and assessed both the platform and the adapted content.

̴Improvement and Validation: Based on feedback from stakeholders and iterative testing, we made improvements and validated the platform and the adapted learning content.

The Results of IO3 are twofold:

̴Creating the E-Learning Platform in line with the requirements of the target group: We successfully created the structure of the E-Learning platform, tailor-made to meet the specific needs of EU producers.

̴Using an innovative process of Iterative Optimization: The output includes an assessment of the platform and its optimization based on an iterative method, involving input from project partners , users, and advisory board members.