Report on the best practices on alternative food chain model with sectorial and national context

Intellectual Output 5 focuses on the comprehensive review of short food chain models, both successful and unsuccessful, and identifying the drivers and barriers to their implementation. This initial groundwork laid the foundation for developing pedagogical content in Intellectual Output 2. Here’s an overview of the main objectives and outcomes of this output:

̴Identifying and Studying Food Chain Models: The primary goal was to identify and study examples of food chain models, encompassing both successful and unsuccessful initiatives.

̴Analyzing Drivers and Barriers: We aimed to identify the drivers behind successful practices and the barriers leading to unsuccessful initiatives, providing critical insights into what works and what doesn’t in short food chains.

̴Sector and National Context Analysis: This output also involved the identification and analysis of differences in the implementation of short food chains models across various agri-food sectors and national contexts.

As a result we produced recommendations aimed at policymakers and stakeholders for implementing systemic changes aimed at reducing barriers and fostering the development of short food chain initiatives.

In addition, we produced a booklet gathering best practices from the partner countries.